How to Care for Pima Cotton Garments

How to Care for Pima Cotton Garments

Laundry – our worst nightmare! In this article, we teach you how to care for pima cotton garments in simple steps so they can last and be passed on to siblings, cousins or your friend’s children. 

Machine wash

Pima cotton is a delicate and luxurious fabric but, good news, it can go into the washing machine! While it is a durable fabric, be sure to select gentle cycle and wash with similar colours. Do not add bleach on items with embroidery as it may discolour the thread. Spot clean if necessary.

Water temperature

We recommend washing in cold or cool water temperature to prevent shrinking or fading of colours on items with embroidery. Avoid hot water temperature as the garment may shrink.


Pima cotton garments can be air-dried or machine dried using low heat. Avoid high heat as it may shrink the garment.


You can avoid ironing by air-drying your garment after taking it out of the washing machine. This is also the perfect time to reshape the garment. If ironing is needed, do so with low temperature and do not iron directly on any embroidery.


You can also choose to hand wash in cold or cool water but who has time for that when you have a baby and need to juggle everything else in between!? Happy laundering!